Tim Ridge - Sports Therapist

What is a sports therapy?

  • A Sports Therapist specialises in the prevention of injury, and treatment, and rehabilitation of existing conditions, restoring clients to their optimum level of fitness, regardless of age or physical ability.
  • I treat clients with musculoskeletal conditions utilising a combination of soft tissue techniques, joint mobilisations and corrective exercises.

What does treatment include?

  • Full assessment
  • Full examination
  • Treatment Exercise plan between treatments for rehabilitation
  • Continued advice/ support

About Tim:

Tim comes from a good sporting background, his sports include: Football, cricket, rugby, surfing and weights. With his love of sports either taking part or watching he undertook the training required to become a sport therapist and help other sports persons stay within their sports. 

Tim says:

"In 2014, I graduated with a BSc in Sports Therapy from the University of Gloucestershire. During my three years of study at the university I had the opportunity to work in a variety of different sporting settings; this included both clinical placements and the chance to gain hands on experience within sport. This provided a fantastic chance to put my theoretical knowledge into practice whilst being assisted by experienced professionals.

Upon graduating, I acquired an internship with Redruth rugby club. During this time I was taught taping and strapping techniques and was able to expand and refine my own treatment approach by treating the players both in a clinical and pitch side setting. I was invited to come back for a second season as a paid assistant therapist for the club."

If you are interested in booking an appointment contact Tim Ridge:

Phone: 07896353487

Customer Testimonials

 Jeff Till, Head Sports Therapist Redruth RFC & Truro College Lecturer:"Tim was a valued member of the medical team in his time at Redruth Rugby Club.

Undertaking a vital role in keeping the players on the pitch, ensuring the continued success of the team.

As a sports therapist he displays a deep knowledge of functional anatomy and is able to apply this knowledge effectively to accurately diagnosis an array of acute and chronic sports injuries. He utilises his undoubted skills to provide individualised injury specific treatment plans and follow up rehabilitation programmes, to ensure players return to full functional fitness."

"Since moving back to Cornwall early last year finding a sports therapist/physio was one of my priorities as I've had niggly injuries and suffered set backs from a broken leg and tendinitis in my knee. I've known Tim for many years through sport and it was only when moving back to Cornwall my dad put me back in touch with him. I can honestly say he has been the best sports physio I've ever had. He has helped me and my fiancé Chantelle over the last year and I can safely say I'm now injury free.

Chris Pascoe- Tim is extremely knowledgable in terms of anatomy and how the muscles work and you can tell he is passionate about helping his customers as he's always telling me of things he his constantly learning in an ever changing field. Tim has been extremely flexible for both me and Chantelle in seeing us as soon as he could including re-arranging his diary for us. I can not thank Tim enough for everything he does for us and highly recommend him to anyone. Not only this but he is amazing value for money as he is not as expensive in comparison to other sports physios. Thanks Tim"

Jonathan Lamb, PGA Professional- "Tim has a great knowledge & infectious enthusiasm for his subject matter. I always enjoy our conversations about the golf swing, cross referencing ideas on range of movement, strength,flexibility & rehabilitation which as a (Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Certified Coach) I find fascinating." ​

Emily Richards: "I had severe pain in my knee for years. I went to the doctors multiple times and they did nothing. I went to Tim and within a month it was pain free. One year later, I haven't suffered with any pain in my knee."






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