Carn Brea Leisure Centre will be re-opening its doors on the 27th July 2020 at 06:00am, whilst we are very excited to welcome you all back there is some important information that you need to be aware of:


  • Book a timeslot- members via the app (mywellness) and non-members through reception: 01209 714766.
  • Arrive on time- any early arrival customers will be required to wait outside, and late arrivals won’t be allowed to access the facility.
  • Be changed for your activity- changing rooms will only be available for swimming pool customers, please shower before attending and wear clean clothes.
  • Bring your own- hand sanitiser and filled water bottle, we have our own sanitiser on entry points and automatic bottle filler located in the gym, please avoid all touch operated water machines.
  • Not feeling great- please cancel your session and attend once you are sure you are well and not displaying any Covid-19 symptoms. 

How we plan to keep you safe during your visit:

  • Please ensure you have booked for your session.
  • Upon entry to the centre please sanitise your hands at the station provided, there are also further dispensers located around the centre, please use these between activities.
  • Follow all Coronavirus safety signs, including one- way systems, distancing markers, directional arrows and instructions from staff members.
  • Once your check in has been completed, please make your way as quickly as possible to the area in which your activity is booked. 
  • Please avoid waiting in corridors
  • Avoid chatting to users outside of your “family or “bubble”.
  • Leave the centre swiftly once your activity has finished.

Area related safety measures:

Gym related safety measures:

Whilst we have always maintained high standards of cleaning with our equipment and plan to maintain this we have added a time slot between sessions to allow us to sanitise all equipment prior to the next session arriving.

To help us maintain a safe gym environment we ask that you:

  • Clean all of the equipment you touch using our viral sanitiser including benches and mats.
  • Attend your session alone, spotters are currently not allowed and sharing equipment between sets is also prohibited unless users are from the same household.
  • Maintain 2 meters social distancing where possible.
  • Single flow around the gym floor.
  • Maximum capacity is 45- we are allowing 20per hour for our first week of reopening, this will be reviewed regularly.
  • Leave the gym after your session from the downstairs door (it will be signposted).
  • Bring only yourself- no bags or towels.

Swimming Pool related safety measures:

As recommended by Swim England we ask that all swimmers come “pool ready” to avoid spending time in the changing area. Changing rooms will be limited during your visit and we ask that you do not leave your belongings in the cubicles.

Measures in place:

  • You will be asked to shower prior to getting in the water.
  • There will be a maximum of 10 per lane.
  • Double width lanes will be used to encourage social distancing.
  • Water chemical levels will be maintained as recommended by PWTAG using a chlorine disinfect which is proven to kill viruses including Coronavirus.
  • Our UV systems will be in use for the pool, this is also an effective measure of breaking down the Coronavirus.

Swimming guidance:

 •Shower before entry.

•Follow the Lifeguard’s instructions.

•Please do not overtake whilst swimming.

•Social distancing is to be maintained at all times.

•If you change to a slower stroke as part of your session, please change to a slower lane.

•Do not make physical contact with other participants.

•Follow the direction signage.

•When resting at the end of the lane- please be mindful of other users, turn your head away and keep to the edge of the lane to allow wall turning.

Fitness classes:

Whilst you have all been exercising at home, we are sure you are more than ready to return to some “group exercise”. We have made some modifications to allow this to happen safely:

  • Lower numbers for all classes
  • Main studio classes moved to our sportshall where social distancing can be easily maintained.
  • Spin moved to our main studio with reduced numbers and distanced bikes.
  • Additional outdoor classes for those not ready to return to indoor immediately.
  • Option to move classes out to our massive athletic track with weather permitting.
  • Equipment and mats cleaned between classes.

How you can help us:

  • We ask that you also clean your own equipment before and after use.
  • Enter and leave following the directional arrows.
  • Follow your Fitness Instructors directions.


During lockdown we automatically stopped all payments being taken and froze all of our memberships, once we reopen on the 27th July no payments will be taken for those members who were with us upon closing.

Members will take priority booking for all areas of the centre, most activities can be booked via the “mywellness” app if you have an active membership or over the phone. Please speak to membership or the gym team to activate your mywellness profile.

Without our valued members we would not be able to operate, and we would like to thank you for your continued support and kind words during lockdown. It’s kept us all upbeat and looking forward to welcoming you back.


Are your opening hours going to be the same?

Unfortunately we will be reducing our opening hours temporarily to give ourselves a chance to get back in the swing of things and to reduce our outgoings after a tough few months. We hope to have more hours available as soon as we are busy enough and social distancing measures have been relaxed further.  

Can I pay cash for my session?

We hope whilst we have added measures in place to protect customers and staff that you will try to pay contactless or in advance over the phone, we will however accept cash as a last resort.

What if I’m not ready to return to exercise yet?

We will be restarting all memberships, those with medical reasons will be allowed to continue with a freeze, please contact [email protected] who will be able to assist you with your request and give you the best option.

Will I be able to use my cash monthly again and have I lost the days I had left?

Cash monthly options will pick up where you left off, you won’t lose your pre-paid time.

Do I have to be a member to make a booking?

Non-members will be accepted but all bookings must be paid for prior to attending, members will have priority booking.

How do I book a session as a pre-paid member?

  1. download the mywellness app
  2. add Carn Brea as your centre
  3. ensure you have a paid up membership account
  4. on the app click “see all activities”
  5. select the activity and timeslot you want to attend


What if I need to cancel my session?

If you are a member and unable to attend a session you have booked, you can cancel via the app or over the phone up to 2 hours before the session starts,  non members are required to give 24hrs notice to cancel.

Non-attendance of a booked session will incur a “penalty”, if you accrue 5 penalties within a 30 day period, you will receive an automatic 3 day suspension from booking additional sessions (this does not mean you cannot attend sessions you have already booked).

How long does the session last?

Sessions last up to 1 hour (1.5 for family swims) this includes allocated time for arriving, movement around the centre, changing and leaving the centre.

Can I book in another person?

App booking is only for that member, over the phone booking and payment for the session would allow you to book another user.

Can I bring spectators to watch my session?

Only one adult may accompany a child/ person that needs assistance, any others will be not be allowed.

Can I do more than one activity during my visit?

You could leave the centre, wait in your car and attend another by entering again.

I cancelled my direct debit membership, can I reactivate it?

You would need to contact membership on: [email protected] and reactivate it.

What fitness classes will be running?

All of our classes will be running, just with added gaps between sessions to allow social distancing and cleaning between sessions.

How many sessions can I book at one time?

As a member you can have 7 active sessions, booked 9 days in advance as a member, as soon as 1 has been used you can then book another session.

Can I bring my child swimming?

We have added in a few family swim sessions with limit numbers to get children back to swimming, please see the timetable.

Can I use the Pool pod to access the pool?

Yes, please let the receptionist know you require it on entry.

Will the baby pool be open?

For family swims yes, these need to be booked.

Will my swimming lessons be restarting?

Initially lessons will not be starting as we move through our normal summer break, we hope to have our swim school back up and running in some description for September. Through the summer we will be testing some small group intensive lessons for beginners. 

My children missed some pre-paid sessions form the cancelled term, will these be refunded?

We are hoping that your children can return and credits will be allocated to their next lessons.

Can I use your floats?

We ask that you bring your own however floats can be used and will be cleaned after use.

Can my child restart their gym membership?

Yes, this automatically restart on the direct debit.

Will you be taking new members?

To start we plan to access how busy we are with our current members, if you are really keen to join us, drop us an email on: [email protected] and we can give you the information on when you can join us.

Is the sportshall open for badminton?

Badminton will be available with guidelines in place, singles between households, doubles from the same household, no formal comps and restricted coaching. You cannot move groups within the session.  *Please bring your own racket.

Can I play squash?

Yes, individuals must play alone, doubles can play from the same household. Guidelines do offer a modified squash but from the 25th July we will not be offering this temporally.

Will we be allowed to return to netball?

Unfortunatly the road map with England Netball has not reached the stage to allow netball outdoor or indoor, please check back at a later date.

Can we play 5-aside?

As with Netball this is also not allowed to recommence indoors at the time of writing.

Can I use the track?

Yes this can be booked via reception, please call: 01209 714766

Will the car boot be running on Sundays?

At the moment we will not be offering the car boot, this will be revised as we move forward.

Will you be running first aid courses and NPLQ courses?

Yes, course will be advertised when we are able to run them, please keep an eye on our Facebook page and our website.

What’s happened with the staff?

All the staff except 3 were furloughed for the duration, now with a reopening date staff will be recalled as we need them.

I want to make a donation, where can I do this?

Please send cheques to Carn Brea Leisure Centre Trust, please attach a name and address so we can send our thanks.

Is the carpark still monitored?

Yes, members should already be added to the system, this has not changed.

Some equipment is missing from the gym, can we access it?

Whilst we are working with reduced numbers, some equipment is stored for safety, please ask us if you require something specific and we can access whether we can bring it back to the gym floor.

Can I use the Tanita scales?

Yes, please clean it down before and after use.

What happens if I’ve tested positive for Covid-19?

Please contact us immediately on: 07837110829

Do I need to be a member to attend one of your classes?
No, you don’t. Non members are welcome to attend any of our classes and can book via our Reception Team up to one week in advance. We do require payment on booking, so you will need to have a credit/debit card to hand when you phone.

What is the minimum age to use the gym?
The minimum age for gym use is 12.

Do you offer unisex changing rooms?
We have a unisex changing village for our swimming pool, which provides a communal space ideal for families with individual changing cubicles.
Our gym changing rooms are separated for males and females. 


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